Interview Time!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hey Readers, This is a new feature here on
Ghandoora94. I am here to Interview You! I will pick one person each week, and I will post a picture of your suite, style, and Medoll. Please Apply here, It shall be fun and interesting.I will Make an application post once a week, Then I Shall Post the interview here on the blog.

I will Ask you five questions. They will be slightly different every week. There will be no personal Questions, Just about Passion,Style, Inspirations, ect. Please do not hesitate To apply!

If you would like to be interviewed, Please apply here In the comments section, Including your Stardoll Username & Why you would like to be interviewed. You MUST Be a follower of this blog to be taken into consideration.
Im Hoping for lots of applicants! Any questions, Ask in the comment section also.

DestineY14, x
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  1. I would love to apply(: x
    Name: Tula-Flower

  2. name:tulaFlower

    I would love to be considered because many people i meet tell me i have a really edgy and cute style, and that i pull it off really well, but i need a big break to get me started, (: x

  3. Im in.

    Stardoll name: CChanelCrystale.


  4. I would love to !!! I think u should pick me because i've had my fair share of stardoll experiences & i have been a member of stardoll since 2005 !! I can remember when we didn't even have medolls :) Please pick me.

    My stardoll username is twilightxbabe

  5. I would love to do it:) my stardoll username is iluvladygaga232

  6. Id love to apply.
    Because stardoll is everythin to me
    and i love to talk about it to all my friends.
    But also i like it because id like people to know me better,
    and also i like to know more thinks about others :D

    Stardoll name: Amandaapje

  7. I would like to be interveiwed

  8. Name: xxImmiixx
    Why: Because I Wan't To Tell Stardoll All About My Self & My Stardoll Life x

  9. I would love to be interviewed here because it would be great to have my opinions known ;) And because ive never been interviewed before.
    My stardoll name is .emma.x. :D

  10. I would love to be interviewed because i am talkative, i love stardoll, i go on everyday and i LOVE this blog!
    xoxo my stardoll name is Indigo26

  11. wanna interview please!
    xoxo hohokoko1328

  12. Name: Isabella (Hotangel9)

    why?: Featuring on here would be a great chance to 'speak' to the readers of this blog about my style, passion and interest. It would be great fun to chat to you as well and get interviewed by the 'rising star' of blogs.

    Isabella :)

  13. hey i would love to be featured on one of the best stardoll blogs around. A lot of people say i have a quirky style and I am always creating new outfits on stardoll. I really would like to have this opertunity (btw my friend in real life xxImmiixx made your graphic) thanks! xx

    stardoll user name: rlet
    co owner of the blog

  14. I would love to be interviewed
    stardoll username : 4mariam

  15. i would love to this my sd username rob408

  16. My username : ErikaLuciana06

    Why? Because i want to share my experience in Stardoll, my inspirations, and most of all, about non - SS members on stardoll

  17. i would lovvvvve to cause that wouldmake a bigger chance for us jordanine girls and for me to be cg not ncg and who knos maybe royalty thx ;D

  18. my sd username: luka_jewel
    i would like to be interviewed by you because your blog is just great and it would be such an honour to be a small part of it

  19. I would like :)
    MY Name is frosso123
    I am a bit different from others.Also noone got me an interview and it would be a grate experience for me!I know that an interview with you will have fun my friend!!

  20. When is this gonna start??

  21. I am sharpaylovers.e
    I would like to be interviewed because i would love to share in this F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S blog my style,passions,etc.
    Xxx Thank You xxX

  22. well i am not sure if i want to give an interview although i know that u wouldn't pick me anyway

  23. I love making interview :)


  24. name: april785

    hope that u will interview me

  25. I would love to be picked.

    I am Nextpingugirl on Stardoll.

  26. my stardoll username is:isabella_swan34
    I would love to be interviewed,because I love Stardoll I spend a lot of time there,because I like creating new looks on my medoll,cganging my suite or makeup and change my album and make new sceneries and it would be really nice if I get interviewed!

  27. Hello I am lollymollygoo, I would love to be interviewed because it is a great oppunity :)

  28. Sd name:dimpledall

    I would love to apply bcoz i haven't been interviewed by sum1. i wanna increase my experience in all levels. so i want to get interviewed on this blog. :)