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Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello readers of Ghandoora! In my comp, the one where you have to make the ugliest medoll, I've been seeing most of the comments saying that they can't use tinypic so I decided to make a tutorial for you guys.

#1: Take a print screen of your medoll. 
(I've done so, using the one for my example in the ugly doll comp.)

Here is the print screen button on your keyboard (it usually says 'PRITSC SYSRQ') 

#2: Second, after you've clicked that button, go onto your paint. 
(If you can't find paint go to your start button, click all programs. --> Click on accessories ---> Then click on paint. 

When your on paint, click on edit then paste. (Or on your keyboard press CTRL AND V.)
Your picture will pop up:

#3: After you've done that, click on file, then save as, then name your file.

#4: Now to go http://tinypic.com/ <-- Click on that to go  to it.

Your going to click on Choose File. 

#5: Choose your file. 

#5: Click on upload.

#6: Type in the code they give you, then click on upload now. Wait a few seconds/minutes
until they give you the link. (Depends on how fast your internet is.)

-Waiting for my link-
Here it is! The one you use for comps, and etc is the one at the bottom (Direct link for layouts.)
Click on it, then right click it. Click on copy, then go to where you want to paste it and click paste, or press CTRL AND V on your keyboard.

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  1. it didnt work :| so i cant stand the way i did my medoll so, i am going to change her back to normal but i am gonna show what she looked like in my presentation. is that okay? p.s my ugly medoll is 4 theugly comp my stardoll username is iluvladygaga232 thanxs for readin

  2. @isabelizme:
    OMG!You don't know waht is paint?
    It's a programm on your computer!In the accesories folder!

  3. Thank you. It helped me a lot. I made one for the actress thing here. Not the best, but really good.

  4. Thanks for this post, now I finally know how to do this =)

  5. THanx i do alot of pics

  6. u have chose a simple way to explain us....@isabelizme..hope u have understand if not u can ask me...i will like to help u...

  7. Thank you.It did work for me.
    I made one picture!

  8. But sometimes the printscreen doesn't work! It's up to the PC