Christmas makeup

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hey everyone, it's me again, Salma aka lillyhany, Merry Christmas to all of you. Today I decided to make a holiday inspired look here is the picture

Step one: The black brow liner 

Step two: I'm going to use the "LUXE" red eyeshadow.

Step three: The green "dot" eyeshadow.

Step four: I'm going to put the light green "LUXE" eyeshadow OVER the dark green.

Step five: Black eyeliner "kohl".

Step six: A little mascara, like I said before I prefer using both types of  mascara.

Step seven: Put some blush :)

Step eight: Put any color of lips stick / lip gloss you want :) just make sure it goes with the make up, I'm going to use a very light color.

Step nine: Yes, you guessed it, the "LUXE" lip gloss.

you can delete step one if you you're going to use a different hair color 
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  1. This looks amazing!

  2. Wow a makeup tutorial where the person knows how to use blusher! :P great job! I would have used a more festive lipstick but I'm just nit picking now!