Monday, November 08, 2010

Congratulations! To the winner Demi_Lovanto_2! Well done, you made an excellent effort and deserved to win. Well done to the other contestants as well, you are what makes this blog such a success! Contact me in 24 hours to receive your prize (gift).

 Here is the results:
annjia-boo: 6% votes + no votes in the comments 
demi_lovanto_2: 20% votes + 3 votes in the comments
bunnybow23: 10% votes + 1 vote in the comments
queenmaya99: 36 % votes + no votes in the comments
Black_emo_star: 20 % votes + no votes in the comments
Melissa Linardou: 8 % votes + 2 votes in the comments

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  1. so can we still join now ????? hope we can !

  2. Not to be rude,But why post a poll,if comments don't count?