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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Before I start, I just want to give a BIG thanks to Ghandoora for letting me be a writer on this wonderful blog. I'm Larsa_Gurl. I'll be making competitions here for stardollars and rares. So lets kick my first post off with a COMPETITION! :D

Possibly every week, I will pick a clothing item. Then, you must make create an outfit wearing the item of my choosing. Non ss, and SS can both enter. If I pick an item that can only be purchased if your a superstar you can take a screen shot of your outfit when your at the starplaza.

If you want to enter you must put your name in the comments.
Then go to my Guestbook and tell me your wearing it, or give me that screen shot of your outfit. If your superstar and your wearing the item in your suite, don't change your outfit until I reply back to your guestbook comment. You will then be entered in a poll, and the readers will have to pick which outfit was the best. Simple, right? Person with the most votes gets $50sd

Item for this competition is: The Gold Hoop top from baby phat.
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  1. how would we send it to you??? by e-mail ?


    my entry ;] ;]

  3. my entry is -

  4. I already sent my entry to your GB! Hope u like it!

  5. is my entry!

  6. hi please tell me on my gb (my username isiluvladygaga232) when the next comp will come! thx!

    here is the link to my suite! Stardoll Main