Ashley greene makeup

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello everyone, my name is Salma also known as lillyhany on stardoll, I will be posting this week about make up, now I will try to show you how to put on make up like this Ashley greene's picture .
Those are the items I'm going to use (you can use different colors or switch LUXE for dot)

1. I always use a hair style that doesn't hide the eyes when I'm applying make up.

2. I'm going to put some " LUXE "  green eye shadow.

3. Then I put an other layer of eye shadow using "dot" black eye shadow, but don't cover all the green eye shadow.

4 . Then I'm going to put some of the black eye pencil or (black eye kohl), only on the edges.

        5. Put on some black mascara, you can use either the volume mascara or the lengthening mascara , I like use both.

6. Use any color of blush, not to much .

7. Then put some lipstick, It's from "L'OCCITANE", but I don't know the name of the exact shade, you can use another one, or a closer shade.

8. I'm going to use the "LUXE" lipgloss.

10. You can use whatever hair style you want, but if you want  the same look you can just use this hair style, it's close to the one in the picture.

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  1. I agree. I love Ashley Greene and the makeup looks awesome.

  2. That's so beautiful, really nice! =] I LOVE Ashley Greene :)