Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hey guys i'm Ghandoora ( The Owner ) back with little update :D
so as you know we have 4 writers in our blog and look for more !
and special thanks for our writers for there work ! i really like it so much
so .. i made for our writers simple banner hope they like it !
and so sorry because i don't work on it too much but i'm really busy because in the same day i have 3 exams !!

and also i'm so proud cuz there is from 83 country around the world visit our blog

and for girls who want to advertise there blogs !
 it won't be for FREE ! you have to pay = 5 stardollares ONLY

and for all girls who want to celebrate with there B-Day ..
all what you have to do is : comment the post which have this logo by telling me your B-Day

and also check it this tab every time .. it's new one i made for comp that are running right now

and also after removing the Chat ! it's back but with new one .. hope you comment on it !

hope you like what i do ^^

Ghandoora ~

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  1. Really cool! And I know this is sudden...but do you need one more writer...I would LOVE too...

  2. yea honey i'm looking for writer :D contact me on my GB ^^

  3. hi!! I want to be a writer of your blog!! You want?

  4. @ Melissa Linardou : contact me on my GB me Ghandoora :D