Katy Perry Inspired Makeup

Friday, October 22, 2010

This makeup look is inspired by Katy Perry in her music video "California Gurls". This look is very colorful and tropical.
Step 1: Apply DOT's white eyeshadow on the lids as a base colour.
Step 2: Apply LUXE's Teal Shadows eye dust over the white. See how the colour looks brighter?

Step 3: Apply LUXE's Grass Green eye dust to the outer corners of the teal eye dust.
Step 4: Apply DOT's black liquid liner around the eyes, making a small, short wing, rather than a long one.
Step 5: Apply Both types of DOT's black mascara
Step 6: Apply DOT's white pencil liner to the inner corner of the eyes to make the eyes appear brighter.
Step 7: Apply DOT's Cotton Candy Pink lipstick.

Step 8: Apply LUXE'S lip gloss.
Step 9: Contour the cheeks with DOT's Warm Apricot blush like so:

Step 10: Dye hair with DOREE's haircolor in Regatta.

The look is now complete!! Enjoy!!!
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  1. I am not anonymous! I am Perfection54321, the newest writer for this blog!

  2. cool, it just need the hair black like katy perry now...........

  3. The hair in the music video is blue because katy perry was wearing a blue wig.