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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hey Guys
Before 2 weeks ago, as I think,  I said that I'm looking for writters & graphic designer! And I'm really afraid if I choose a girl to be a writer, and others hate me or get angry or something like that! So I decided to make competition and that will be fair for all girls who signed up! ONLY two girls will be choosen to be writers! I'm going to try them just for one week! If I don't like them, I will choose another two!

Here is the name of the girls who want to be writers:
  1. doggie45only
  2. friendrose
  3. noelia.c11
  4. alina1129
  5. missadelajda100
  6. miley1516
  7. pandaeyes239
  8. itickets123
  9. sharpaylovers.e
  10. loveitaly.com
  11. brittenydiamond
  12. lulaafeimiss99
  13. superstarkaren4
  14. sa...gataki
And for girls who asked me to be graphic designer I will contact with them soon! What you have to do? is invite at least 3 from your friends to be follower for my blog! Then you have to tell me the name for each one you invited! The one who invite more people, the chance would be bigger, and please DON'T make fake accounts because you will be banned! And also it doesn't matter if the follower have an account on stardoll or not!

DiedLine : 14/ Sep
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  1. okay :] i invited some people and if they join they will tell you!

  2. thx so much for helping u r amazing sis

  3. hey ghandoora. I am a follower my name is EyelinerFreak (Alina1129) and basically i cant see the followers list so i dont know if the people i told to follow did follow? thanks Alina :)

  4. oh dear !! i will see and fix thix problem " thanks so much "

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. till now i have some account's names on stardoll who will join : LadyPokerF will join & harpreettt , diva_farin, luckybluedicky, lovesuriyna. mariagh98, bellacullen4210,IMI133XD that's it but i still sending messages so maybe more members will join

  7. Heya I just invited about 10 people to follow your blog and they seemed really interested about your blog.

    xoxo MissAdelajda100

  8. awww thx so much MissAdelajda100 you must tell me there names please