New Contest

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Because there is no active in the blog, I decided to make new competition. It's about dress up your medoll with this item leaf print mini dress that is show up in the picture from Killah. This competition is open for superstars and non-superstars! It's only for followers (If you're not, easily become one) This time the Winner will get a gift from me. How to enter? Make an outfit using Killah leaf print mini dress then printscreen it and then upload it to (Tinypic, Photobucket...etc). After you finish fill the form to comments: USERNAME and LINK.It's not required to buy the item, simply use Starplaza :]

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  1. JuicyC28906 entry :

  2. Here is my entry!!!

    hope you like it!

  3. Hey, i dont know if this is still active but here you go :)

  4. By the way my stardoll account is called bunnybow23