Sunday, August 29, 2010

Palestine, it's my country that I'm really proud to be from there. I haven't been there before but I wish someday I can visit it and see my aunts and my uncles there because I've never seen them!

Well,as the history said, Palestine can refer to "ancient Palestine" an area that today includes Israel and the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, as well as part of Jordan, and some of both Lebanon and Syria.In classical or contemporary terms, it is also the common name for the area west of the Jordan River.


credit: www.jpost.com
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  1. why no one commented it is like heaven it is way pretter than pris or london it iz reeeeealy amaizing i wish if i can go there

  2. a have read about palestine but here a learned a lot...thnx

  3. I am from Palestine and pround 2 be from there

    Great Post =D

  4. I love it!I do not know how can someone make it disappear!